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Blue Moon Rising Prophetic Conference 2015

Many in the body of Christ are longing for new beginnings in the Holy Spirit. The good news is there’s something refreshingly different stirring in God’s Kingdom! Is your heart hungry to receive the outpouring that God has promised our generation?

Join us for the Blue Moon Rising Prophetic conference 2015, and receive fresh insight, teaching, worship and spiritual direction. Encounter prophetic ministry from Spiritual fathers and mothers that are committed to navigate the dawn of a “supernatural renaissance.” Receive the tools necessary to prepare and posture yourself for a “spiritual awakening” that is coming upon the Earth.

A "Blue Moon" by definition is an astronomical rarity signifying a 2nd full moon that occurs within one calendar month. Thus, the phrase "once in a blue moon." We believe our Blue Moon Conference is an uncommon gathering of an uncommon people.

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Conference Info

Registration Info

$45 - Early Registration, by May 15

$55 - Regular Registration

$30 - Livestream the Conference!

(Conference streams will also be available to view for 2 weeks after the conference)


DAY 1 - Wednesday June 24
6pm - Doors Open
7pm - Session 1

DAY 2 - Thursday June 25
9:30am - Session 1
2:30pm - Session 2
7pm - Session 3

DAY 3 - Friday June 26
9:30am - Session 1
2:30pm - Session 2
7pm - Session 3

DAY 4 - Saturday June 27
9:30am - Session 1
3pm - Session 2

Event Location

The Warehouse
1810 Columbia Avenue #100,
Franklin, TN 37064

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